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Connecting Tech Enthusiasts in the Triangle and Charlotte Area

The Black Tech Events isn't just a series of gatherings; it's an immersive journey designed to spark innovation, foster connections, and empower the black tech community in both the vibrant Triangle and Charlotte regions. Imagine a space where leading-edge ideas collide, where breakthrough technologies take center stage, and where brilliant minds unite to redefine the future of technology.


It's a celebration of black brilliance, a platform for growth, and an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for innovation. This is where diverse ideas come together, collaboration flourishes, and meaningful partnerships take root. You'll rub shoulders with influential leaders, mingle with fellow trailblazers, and expand your network within a community that truly understands your unique journey and aspirations.


Our mission through The Black Tech Events is to provide unfettered access to tech education, invaluable resources, professional growth, mentorship, and leadership opportunities for founders, creatives, developers, investors, and tech enthusiasts alike. We're a nonprofit organization with two dynamic branches: The Triangle Black Tech Events in the Research Triangle and the Queen City Black Tech Events in Charlotte. Our commitment extends far beyond our organization, embracing initiatives like The Black Tech Events to catalyze the growth and visibility of black tech in the region.


Together, we form a powerful force, a catalyst for realizing dreams and unlocking limitless opportunities in the tech industry. We're here to empower, connect, and drive innovation, and we can't wait to have you join our journey. 

Two Cities, one Dream

At Triangle Black Tech Events, we celebrate the brilliance of black innovators and offer a platform for growth. This is where diverse ideas converge, and collaboration thrives. Meet influential leaders and fellow trailblazers, expanding your network among like-minded individuals who understand your journey and aspirations. Join us in redefining the future of technology in the Research Triangle area.


Queen City Black Tech Events takes our celebration of black brilliance to Charlotte. It's an opportunity to connect with those who share your passion for innovation and growth. Be part of an environment where diverse ideas flourish and meaningful partnerships take root. As we catalyze the growth and visibility of black tech in the region, this dynamic branch empowers you to unlock limitless opportunities within the tech industry. Join us in redefining the future of technology in Charlotte.

Core Elements


Innovation Ecosystem


Celebration of Excellence


Access to Resources 


Dual-City Impact


Dynamic Networking Hub

The Black Tech Ecosystem
State of Tech Diversity

Diversity. Inclusion. Equity.


Fewer than 1% of startup founders who receive venture funding are Black



Black computer science students and alumni don’t know anyone working in Big Tech.
Black investors make up less than 1% of venture capitalists. 


Black founders received just 1.3% of $288B of capital deployed
Past Speakers
Event Partners
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